Malacca Tour

Operates on Thurdays, Fridays, Saturday and Sunday

Pick-up time: 08:00hrs Tour Price:
Tour starts: 08:30hrs Adult: $ 90.00
Duration: Full Day Child: $ 45.00

Lunch at Malacca included.

Malacca, is the seat of the 15th century Malay Sultanate, which was colonised by the Portuguese, Dutch and British conquerors who sought to control the whole region and the lucrative spice trade.

Malacca is a quiet town but history abounds. Walk the streets where Malay folk heroes such as Hang Tuah once did around 1400 A.D.

Visit historical sites such as St Paul’s Hill, where St Francis Xavier preached three centuries ago; Chen Hoon Teng, the oldest Chinese Temple in Malaysia and Porta De Santiago, the Portuguese fortress, rubber, palm oil and coconut plantations in your drive to Malacca and stop at a pewter factory to see how pewter is transformed into useful decorative objects.

Estimated travelling time from Johore Bahru to Malacca is 4 hours.